Installation / Performance

Sea 海  _ Sydney Art Space_July 2019

One Woman Show_Art and culture Foundation_ Evora, May 2019

Olive Tree_ Museum of Fine Art_Leipzig_May 2019

Parts of A Light House_Museum of Fine Art_Leipzig_May 2019

The Story of the Stone_Museum of Fine Art_Leipzig_May 2019

Painting Until it Becomes Marble _Museum of Fine Art_Leipzig_May 2019

Cut Piece 2019_Yoko Ono_Peace is Power_Museum of Fine Art_Leipzig_April 2019

Circle of Fire_Röda Sten Konsthall_ Gothenburg _Nov 2018

Blood of Fire_Art Museum of Skövde_Sweden_Nov 2018

The Story of The Stone_JGM Gallery_London_June_2018

Demolition, Toynbee Studio, London.25th February,2018

My Body is my battlefield_Art021ArtFair_ solo Booth_Shanghai_Nov, 2017

Delete, Toynbee Studio, London. 24th May 2017

Home_Galerie Huit_HongKong_March_2017

You have My Blood in You_Galerie Huit_HongKong_March_2017

Loyalty Dance_Fabrica Gallery_Brighton_UK_March 2017

A Drop of Tear_London_Nov_2016

My Father and My Son_Beijing_Danish Culture Center_Oct 2016

Gothenburg Live Action_Sweden_Sep_2016

Touching Happiness _ GuangZhou Live Action _China_Dec_2014

Jade Buddha_Sumarria Lunn Gallery_Sep 2013

Work 2011 To 2013


PaiFang (2013)

Balls of Steel (2013)

Sauce, Rice-balls, Your choice!

Body Landscape (2012)

Gold Fish (2012)

Be the Inside of the Vase (2012) 

Little Red Flower (2012)

I Buried my Loss (2012) 

Spider Witch (2012) 

Hair Painting (2011) 

Drawings / Prints





Father’s Vase (2013)

Mother’s Scar (2013)

Daughter’s Little Red Flower (2013)


Autobiography Dissertation My Thoughts Are Coming Out Of My Mouth The Performative Body


Collaboration Projects